XML-DBMS is Open Source middleware for transferring data between XML documents and relational databases. It is used in a variety of settings, from universities to Fortune 500 companies to government agencies.

XML-DBMS maps the XML document to the database according to an object-relational mapping in which complex element types are generally viewed as classes (and mapped to tables) and attributes and simple element types as properties of those classes (and mapped to columns). An XML-based mapping language allows the user to customize this mapping.

XML-DBMS is available both as a set of Java packages (versions 1.x and 2.0) and a PERL module (version 1.x only). XML-DBMS, along with its source code, is freely available for use in both commercial and non-commercial settings. It is not copyrighted and has absolutely no warranty. Use it as you will.

Additional information

* This provides a good introduction to XML-DBMS, its concepts, and its mapping language. The version 2.0 mapping language is somewhat different, but the concepts are the same.




Version 1.x

Version 2.0

Source Forge

  • Source Forge page
  • CVS tree, Java version 2.0 (Unsupported) Contains work never completed or released. For the final 2.0 release, use the download above.

  • CVS tree, Java version 1.1 (Unsupported) An unreleased version that includes a GUI, easier parser configuration, a properties-driven interface, XSLT support, etc. Many of these ideas were incorporated into version 2.0. For the final 1.x release, use the download above.

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Thanks to the many people who have contributed to XML-DBMS in the form of bug reports and suggested features. Special thanks are due to the following people, who have contributed significant amounts of code and design work:

Adam Flinton (General design work for version 2.0 tools)
Nick Semenov (PERL version)
Sean Walter (Version 2.0 update/insert code)
Tobias Schilgen (XML Schemas map factory)
Himanshu Gupta (XML Schemas map factory)