Q: What are the differences between versions 1.x and 2.0?

Applies to: 1.x, 2.0

General featuresv1.xv2.0
Transfer data between XML and RDBMSxx
XML-based mapping languagexx
Source codexx
Open Source licensexx
Support through Yahoo Groupsxx

Environment featuresv1.xv2.0
Java versionxx
PERL versionx--
Easy parser configuration--x
Easy database configuration--x

Tools and APIsv1.xv2.0
High-level API--x
Low-level APIxx
Generate map from a DTDxx
Generate relational schema from a DTD--x
Generate map from relational schema--x
Generate DTD from relational schema--x
Configurable command-line tool for transferring data--x
Configurable command-line tool for generating maps--x

Basic mapping language featuresv1.xv2.0
Map deeply nested XML to hierarchy of tablesxx
Map document to single databasexx
Retrieve result set as XMLxx
Namespace supportxx
Automatic data type conversionsxx
Maintain document orderxx
Support for mixed contentxx

Advanced mapping language featuresv1.xv2.0
Map document to multiple databases--x
Retrieve multiple result sets as XML--x
Filter relational data--x
Support for database-generated keys--x
Support for "wrapper" elements--x
Map multiple element types to single table--x
Support for XML list types--x
Support for database columns of type XML--x
Treat empty strings as nullsxx
Order children according to column valuesxx
Order children according to fixed values--x

User-defined key-generation routinesxx
Per-table key-generation routines--x
Customizeable date, time, timestamp formatsxx
Customizeable string, number, binary formats--x
Per-property custom formats--x

Inserts, updates, deletesv1.xv2.0
Hard insertsxx
Soft inserts--x
Hard deletes--x
Soft deletes--x

Transactions committed by applicationxx
Transactions committed per documentxx
Transactions committed per insert/update/deletexx
Support for no transactions--x

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