XML and databases (general)

  • XML and Databases
    A discussion of the relationship between XML and databases -- why you might want to use databases with XML, the underlying technical concepts (including the difference between XML-enabled and native XML databases), and how to choose the software you need.

  • Going Native: Use Cases for Native XML Databases
    An article describing use cases for native XML databases. The main use cases are storing and querying document-centric XML, integrating data, and storing and querying semi-structured data. This article is based on interviews with roughly half the native XML database vendors that existed in 2005, as well as a handful of customers. Originally published on

  • Mapping DTDs to Databases
    Describes two common models for mapping DTDs to databases: a table model and an object-relational model. Discusses how these handle non-database concepts, such as mixed content and element order, as well as how to generate DTDs from database schema and vice versa. Originally published on

  • Mapping W3C Schemas to Object Schemas to Relational Schemas
    Describes a complete mapping from the data model in the W3C's XML Schemas to object schemas and the mapping from object schemas to relational schemas. The paper is rather terse and assumes you understand the above presentation on mapping DTDs to databases.

  • XML for DB2 Information Integration (IBM Redbook, coauthor)
    A discussion of how to use XML with DB2, including a complete sample application. The book covers the XML Extender, Net Search (Text) Extender, SQL/XML, the XML Wrapper, MQ Series, and WebSphere Studio. Of interest to non-DB2 readers are Chapter 1 (XML and databases), chapter 3 (Designing XML and database schemas), and chapter 7 (Bulk processing of XML documents). Available free online as HTML or PDF (7.2 MB).

  • Ron Bourret on XML and Databases
    A brief summary of the state of the art of XML and databases in June, 2004.

XML and databases (products)

  • XML Database Products
    A now out-of-date list of more than 150 products for using XML and databases: middleware, IDEs, XML-enabled databases, native XML databases, XML servers, wrappers, and content management systems. Includes brief descriptions of each product and links to product pages.

  • XML / Database Links
    A list of resources about XML and databases, including links to articles, books, specifications, academic papers, benchmarks, links pages, and mailing lists.

  • XML Data Binding Resources
    A now out-of-date list of resources (products and papers) for XML data binding, including brief descriptions of each.

XML and databases (implementation)

XML namespaces

  • XML Namespaces FAQ
    Everything you ever wanted to know about XML namespaces, and then some.

  • Namespace Myths Exploded
    Eleven things you thought you knew about XML namespaces -- they have structure, the define global attributes, they are related to schemas, and so on -- that just aren't true. Originally published on

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