Have Frying Pan, Will Travel

On the last page of each issue, Kiplinger's Magazine runs a story about somebody doing something interesting with their life and how they managed to finance it. Karin got the bright idea that we were fascinating people (true), that we were living an exotic life in Europe (sort of true), and that Kiplinger's would be interested in writing a story about us (amazingly, true). A few phone interviews, the odd bit of email, and one photo session later, we were on our way to our fifteen minutes of fame.

The article appeared in the May, 1999, issue and, although you can no longer find it on the Kiplinger's web site, it is still available on the web, courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

Have Frying Pan, Will Travel by Robert Frick

(The photo above accompanied the original article. It was taken in Heidelberg during a half-day photo session -- we smiled so much our jaw muscles hurt.)