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Technical Documentation and Software Documentation Know-how (also available in German). Links to sites covering all aspects of documentation, from writing and indexing to software to legal issues.

German-English Dictionaries

List of German-English Dictionaries
LEO English/German Dictionary
Web-trans Dictionary
Deutsch-Englisch Lexikon
A Web of Online Dictionaries

Computer Dictionaries

Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Tech Encyclopedia

Computer Acronyms

Secret Hacker's Society
Yet Another Acronym Server (YAAS)

English Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionary (UK)
Mirriam Webster Online (USA)

UK-USA Spelling

British-American Dictionaries on the WWW
Notes on American English (spelling and word differences)
British English and American English: One Language, or Two? (spelling, pronunciation, and history)


Strunk and White
Chicago Manual of Style, University of Chicago


Roget's Thesaurus

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