Karin Gallagher

Karin's List of Countries

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My family collects passport stamps the way other people collect dandruff. We like to be the first one there. I got Bulgaria but my brother Devin got Antarctica.

All 50 states and Puerto Rico (3 hours)

All provinces and territories

Latin America & Carribean
Mexico, Curacao

South America
Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay

All in Western Europe (including the tiny ones) and lived in Germany and Sweden

Eastern Europe
Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria (for 10 minutes)*

Middle East
Egypt, Jordan

Philippines, Japan (3 hours), Yap, Guam (2 hours), Indonesia, Fiji (overnight), Hong Kong, China (9 hours)
Australia, New Zealand

List of my favorite and notable places

Favorite country: Hmmm, dunno. I prefer the ones with mountains.
Most interesting place I've slept: Under a road bridge in southern France with our 2 bikes, 2 laptops, 2 suit bags, and 2 backpacks.
Favorite hikes: Torres del Paines, Argentina; Chilkoot Trail, BC
Scariest experience: Not paying the bill in Turkey
Favorite place to drive: Western USA and Canada.
Worst places to drive: Egypt, where Allah is in charge; Turkey, where women drivers are not appreciated
Favorite boat ride: Freighter from Georgia to Spain
Favorite ferry rides: Golfo de Penas, Chile; NW Passage, Alaska
Favorite places to rockclimb: Orpierre, France; Peshastin, Washington
Favorite coffee: Thought I was going to say Seattle? Nope, 7 Eleven
Sweatiest place: Colombia, Indonesia
Coldest place: Sitting on a chair lift anywhere while it is snowing
Favorite food: Brazil. The USA has the most variety.

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