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1.0 Technical Papers

1.1 Overview of XML and Databases

1.2 Relational databases and XML

1.2.1 General papers

1.2.2 Product-specific papers

1.3 Native XML databases

1.3.1 General papers

1.3.2 Use case papers

1.3.3 Product-specific papers

1.4 Query languages

1.4.1 XQuery

See also XML Query engines on the XML Database Products page.

1.4.2 SQL/XML

1.5 Service-oriented architectures (SOAs)

1.6 Academic papers

There are almost as many academic papers about XML and databases as there are characters in Unicode. Here are a few of the ones I liked around 2000-2005. For more papers, search DBLP for the keyword "XML".

1.7 Specifications

1.8 Collections of papers

1.9 Books

For a long time, there was a surprising lack of books about XML and databases. That is true no more, so be sure to check the shelves of your local or Web bookstore for titles I've missed.

1.9.1 Books: General

1.9.2 Books: Oracle

1.9.3 Books: SQL Server

1.9.4 Books: Other products

1.9.5 XQuery

1.9.6 Buecher: Auf Deutsch

2.0 Non-Technical Papers

2.1 Magazine articles

3.0 Miscellany

3.1 Benchmarks

Benchmark characteristics courtesy of Matthias Nicola. Micro-benchmarks are designed to exercise a particular part of a language, while application benchmarks are designed to simulate real-world applications.

3.2 Mailing lists

3.3 Blogs

3.4 Product lists