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Version 2.0: When will version 2.0 be released?

There is no answer to this question :(

My main job is taking care of my two children. I also do some consulting work. And I write articles, give presentations, track XML database products, and answer lots and lots of email. All of this leaves very little time to work on XML-DBMS, which I used to develop full time.

Because my schedule is very hard to predict, I refuse to say when the final v2.0 will be released, as all previous predictions have been wrong. Please note that the alpha 3 release is quite stable, having been around for two years.

As of this writing (March, 2004), I have cleaned up a lot of code from the alpha 3 release, but haven't had time to finish the last little bit and do testing. I also want to fix a number of known bugs.

Probably not the answer you want to hear, but that's the way it is.

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