Class GenerateMap


public class GenerateMap
extends Object
This application generates a map and a file of CREATE TABLE statements from an input document. The input document can be a DTD, DDML document, or XML document that has a DTD (including referencing an external DTD). The document type is determined from the extension: .dtd for DTDs and .ddm for DDML documents; everything else is assumed to be an XML document. The documents have the same base name as the input document, but uses extensions of .map and .sql.

The command line syntax for this application is:

    java GenerateMap <input-file>

This application is also hard-coded to use the Oracle version 2 XML parser. However, it also includes commented-out code to use the Xerces and Sun XML parsers. To modify ConvertSchema for your XML parser, comment/uncomment the correct import statements and version of getSAXParser(). If you are using a parser other than Oracle version 2, Xerces, or Sun, you will need to modify the code accordingly.

Constructor Index

 o GenerateMap()

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 o main(String[])


 o GenerateMap
 public GenerateMap()


 o main
 public static void main(String argv[])