Class ConvertSchema


public class ConvertSchema
extends Object
This application converts a schema document to a DTD and vice versa. Currently, it only supports conversions from DDML documents to DTDs and vice versa. To use other schema languages, you need to write the appropriate converters. (It should take a day or less for each direction assuming you know the schema language well and don't support the more exotic stuff such as schema reuse features.)

The command line syntax for this application is:

    java GenerateMap <input-file>

This application is also hard-coded to use the Oracle version 2 XML parser. However, it also includes commented-out code to use the Xerces and Sun XML parsers. To modify ConvertSchema for your XML parser, comment/uncomment the correct import statements and version of getSAXParser(). If you are using a parser other than Oracle version 2, Xerces, or Sun, you will need to modify the code accordingly.

Constructor Index

 o ConvertSchema()

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 o main(String[])


 o ConvertSchema
 public ConvertSchema()


 o main
 public static void main(String argv[])